Joseph Badger, Portrait of a Ship Master

Joseph Badger, Portrait of a Ship Master
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Joseph Badger (American 1708-1765), Portrait of a Ship Master, A Member of the Parker Family, circa 1760. Oil on canvas, canvas, 35” x 27” in a period carved and gilded frame,. Stretcher with old Museum of Fine Arts label, “Badger, Joseph/1349.11/ Lent by Estate of Judge Lathrop.”

The subject of this portrait may be John Parker (1732-1791), son of Judge William Parker of Portsmouth, NH, and older brother of the Right Rev. Samuel Parker of Trinity Church, Boston. During his youth, John made several voyages as master of a ship and apprenticed as a merchant. Returning to Portsmouth, he was involved in trade and directed a business insuring ships’ cargoes. In 1771, Parker was appointed Sheriff of Rockingham County by Governor Wentworth, a post he held until 1789 when George Washington appointed him the first U.S. Marshall for New Hampshire.



Listed as “Unknown Man” thought to be “some member of the Parker family,to which Samuel Parker, Bishop of Massachusetts, belonged” in Lawrence Park’s “Joseph Badger and a Description of Some of His Works,” Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings, October 1917—June 1918, Vol. LI, p. 198.
Judge John Lathrop (1835-1910) of Dedham, MA; to his grandnephew George K. Wakefield (1900-1988); and to his descents. Possible previous descent from Bishop Samuel Parker (1744-1804) of Boston to his wife Anne Cutler Parker (died 1844); to their son Richard Green Parker (died 1869); to his daughter Eliza D, Parker Lathrop (died 1903); to her husband John Lathrop.

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