Dentzel Chariot Horse

Dentzel Chariot Horse
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Dentzel Chariot Horse, Roach Mane Stander, from the Bud Hurlbut Collection. A hand-written letter from Mrs. Hurlbut to the present owners identified this horse as Mr. Hurlbut's favorite. These 3/4 sized standers are often called "Chariot" horses because of their placement in front of chariots on carousels. Unusual carved moon faces on the lower edge of the blanket and bridle headstall, foliate carving at the withers, intricate free-hand decorations on the trappings. Restored years ago by Showcase Castle Park Amusement Co. for use on their carousel. Bright colors with high-gloss paint and lacquers, 55"L.

Well-known California showman and entrepreneur Bud Hurlbut, a close friend of Walter Knotts, owned and operated the rides at Knottsberry Farm in Los Angeles for more than 30 years. He and his wife also owned and operated Showcase Castle Amusement Park in Riverside, CA. There vast collection of carousel figures and platform art was sold at auction in the 1990's.

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