Philadelphia Toboggan Company Chariot, PTC #31

Philadelphia Toboggan Company Chariot, PTC #31
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Philadelphia Toboggan Company Chariot, from PTC #31, 1914, the Hurlbut Collection. Fabulous example. Complete chariot with seats and inner panel, all ready to assemble and place on a carousel. Cherub holding a horn on the rear panel, flowers on the front, dragon head on lower front, all surrounded by graceful foliate and leaf carving. Complete chariot, nice park paint, 84"L x 53"H. 

PTC #31 was built in 1914 and originally placed in Lakeside Park, Dayton, OH, and later at Indian Lake, Russell's Point, OH, where it operated until 1969. In 1979, Bud Hurlbut purchased the carousel, dismantled it, and placed it in storage. A close friend of Walter Knotts, Mr. Hurlbut owned and operated the rides at Knotts Berry Farm in Los Angeles for more than 30 years. He and his wife also owned and operated the Showcase Castle Amusement Park in Riverside, CA. Their vast collection was auctioned in the 1980's.

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